New Spain / Mexico

Clipart courtesy of Karen’s Whimsy

Clipart courtesy of Karen’s Whimsy

One of the first individuals related to the Moraga family to arrive in New Spain / Mexico was Diego de Holguin de Moraga, son of Diego de Holguin and Catalina Alvarez de Moraga.

The younger Diego was a member of the Cortés expedition to Mexico in 1519 and said to be responsible for the capture of Falling Eagle, Moctezuma’s successor. Diego eventually settled in Puebla and married the daughter of fellow conqueror Garci Hernandez. They had two sons and two daughters.

Gaspar Moraga y Nidos Monroy, the son of  Benito Moraga y Nidos and his wife, Marina Moraga de Carvajal of Cáceres, traveled to the New Spain / Mexico in 1570.

The next reported listing of a Moraga family member in New Spain / Mexico was Diego de Moraga, born 1591 in Mexico City. In 1632, he married Juana Bernal y Griego and they eventually made their way to Santa Fe, New Mexico.